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Do Your Windows Pass the
“Miles-Per-Gallon” Test?

If Your Windows Are Even Just 8 Years Or Older,
They’re Probably Sucking
More Cash Out Of
Your Wallet Than A Gas-Guzzling SUV!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, ENERGY STAR labeled windows and doors are twice as efficient as the average windows manufactured just 10 years ago.

Most of us are pretty familiar with how a cars fuel efficiency is measured. However, very few homeowners are familiar with how a window’s energy efficiency is rated. This is understandable when you consider how much science goes into a window now a’ days.

Windows are rated on energy efficiency in these areas: U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Visible Transmittance, Air Leakage, and Condensation Resistance.

This sounds highly technical and confusing, but it’s not. In fact, the only rating you really need to concern yourself with is U-Factor.

U-Factor is nothing more than a measurement of the rate of heat loss that a window has. This measurement is between 0 and 1. The only thing you need to remember is that the lower the number, the better the window insulates.

Consider This:

You can save approximately $30 per year in energy costs for every .01 you lower the U-value of your windows.

  • Windows just eight years or older have an average U-Factor of about 0.45
  • One line of windows we carry has about an average of just .30

So just how much money can you possibly save….0.45 minus .30 is .15 and if you take 15 and multiply that by $30.00 you get $450 per year in potential savings upgrading just ONE WINDOW!

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