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Simply Add A Sunroom

We have spent more time at home shows and manufacturing conventions than we care to remember. We have spent agonizing, painstaking hours on the internet researching every manufacturer of sunrooms and skylights that we could find. We even went so far as to invite sales reps into our design center to try to convince us why their products were the best. Have you ever had to sit through a two-hour sales presentation? They are brutal. Why did we subject ourselves to this torture? We did it so that you would not have to.

Simply stated, we did all the hard work and we can honestly say that we only install the very best…

Our Sunrooms Beat Every Other
Brand Of Sunrooms – Hands Down

Here is the deal, in the summer water is corrosive and wears away at weather stripping and sealants. Then, along comes a Nebraska winter and BAM, water freezes. The problem is that the water is probably already inside the weather stripping and sealant. When it expands, as water will do when it freezes, it expands the stripping and sealants right along with it. Then, warmer temperatures come and melt the frozen ice particles causing the stripping to contract. This contraction and expansion will play havoc on your sunrooms and will cause leaking, heating or cooling loss, and a host of other problems. Ever see what mold can do?

The same types of problems can exist when a contractor uses a fabulous product but has no idea how to properly install it. That is why we have a system in place to prevent any form of improper installation. All of our quality craftsman are hand-picked and highly trained. Nothing will infuriate you more than spending good, hard earned, money on the best product on the market, only to have it improperly installed.

That is why you cannot afford to go with a “cheaper” product or the “cheapest” installer. Your new sunroom might look great at first glance, but it won’t last. Trust us, you don’t want that kind of a headache a few years down the road.

Bottom Line: When you do a remodel, you only want to do it once, you want it to last, and you want it to be spectacular.

We Only Use The Best Products and Materials On The Market Today And We Install Them The Right Way The First Time…. That’s why our final products are “Time Proof, Worry Proof & Regret Proof.”

Lets face it, there are hundreds, if not thousands of so called home remodelers and contractors. By the same token, there are more complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau about home contractors than any other industry. The fact of the matter is that most home contractors and Sunroom installers are just plain average. The number of complaints at the Better Business Bureau proves it. But people don’t want average results when it comes to their home, they want perfection. That is where Goode Guy Construction excels…We Provide Perfection.

Don’t Trust Your New Sunroom To Just Anyone… Call Us Today.

Trust the Nebraska Home Improvement Professionals!

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