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Not All Siding Is Created Equal…

Replacing Your Siding With the “Right” Siding:

  • Recoups 70% Of Its Cost
  • Adds Instant Curb Appeal
  • Is The #1 Way To Add Value To Your Home

In Fact: Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report states that re-siding your home with siding in the mid-range or larger categories provides the #1 return on your remodeling investment.

While many homeowners consider multiple types of remodels and upgrades to their home, many homeowners fail to consider their siding despite the fact that it provides the number one return on investment.

However, beware the “contractor” that is bound and determined to sell you only one type of siding. The fact of the matter is that no single siding product is the perfect product for all homes. The reality is that the siding you use should depend totally on your “needs” your “location” and your “budget.”

For example, while fiber cement siding is a great product, it might not be the product of choice for you because this type of siding can become damaged with the constant thawing, freezing and refreezing of water, just like we experience here in Nebraska.

Bottom line, replacing your siding is a decision that you will have to live with for years. Making the wrong choice or not having it installed to “perfection” can cost you a fortune in time, money, energy and aggravation.

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