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What You Don’t Know
Could Cost You A Fortune…

Not All Roofing Companies Are Created Equal:

  • Some Cut Corners On Your Project…
  • Some Are’t Licensed…
  • Some Use “Day Laborers”…

Consider This:

Contractor complaints and lawsuits have risen to 758% in the last few years. That should tell you everything you know about how dangerous—and costly—it can be not perform your due diligence on a roofing contractor before hiring them.

Changing the Roofing Business By Not Acting Like Roofers:

  • We’ll be honest: it may take us a day or two longer to get the job done. But that just means we won’t have to come back to fix a problem three months later, like some other companies do.
  • We’re obsessive-compulsive perfectionists. We’re more concerned with getting the job done right than getting it done quickly, so we NEVER have to come back to your home to fix a mistake.
  • We absolutely refuse to use High Pressure Sales Tactics to get you to commit to a contract. A new roof is a large expenditure for most homeowners and a decision you have to live with for years. Don’t you think you deserve the respect to be given the time to think about it?

Listen, a roofing company that touts low prices as its main selling point usually has nothing else going for it. In every ad I have ever seen over 20+ years, I have never seen a “low-price” ad company reference their workmanship, the materials the use, the “labor” the use or their customer service.

Bottom line, in my experience, you get what you pay for. And if you’re paying pennies, expect that to reflect in the quality of the work.

As I said, we will be honest and the honest to goodness truth here is that we’re in the middle price range. We aren’t the most expensive roofing company in Nebraska, but we’re also not the cheapest.

But, we stand by the prices we charge. You can go with another contractor and maybe save a few bucks. But I guarantee you that the money you save to day will cost you a fortune in damage, repair & replacement costs, and aggravation in the future.

Trust the Nebraska Home Improvement Professionals!

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