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Here are some of the questions that we receive most often from our customers. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, or simply want to speak with us, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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When You Say “No Games. No Gimmicks. No ‘Gotchas.’” What Specifically Does That Mean?

Seriously, this is not a catchy slogan or a cute cliché; it’s the absolute, unvarnished truth. It has everything do with how we communicate with you before, during, and after the job. It has to do with our relentless attention to detail, and the years of experience that our team brings to the proverbial table. It means that we’ll finish your home remodeling project t on time and on budget, and make your remodel a pleasant experience where you don’t have to worry about anything…not even about where you are going to stay during the remodel.

How Are Your Prices? Are You On The High, Medium, or Low End Of The Spectrum?

Generally speaking, we’re on the upper end of the medium price range. We are not going to lie to you and “low-ball” estimates. Our price is our price and dollar for dollar, apples to apples, no one provides more “value” for your money than GoodeGuys construction. Can you find contractors who will quote you less money…absolutely. But, what you will also find is that we won’t even compete on price and won’t enter a bid against a “low ball” estimate. We recognize it for what it is, a deceptive practice that other contractors will use to get you to sign their contracts. They know that they can cut corners and pad their profits later.

Bottom line: We offer a competitive price on a “perfect” job that you will love for years to come. We specialize in quality, reliability, and beauty. Ultimately, you get what you pay for and you’ll be glad you paid a little more to do the job right, on time, on budget, and worry-free.

How Can I Know Ahead Of Time If I Can Trust A Remodeler?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. The real “fraudsters” are easy to pick out… but what’s harder to detect are the contractors who are basically decent but who might be experiencing financial difficulties, or who might be overbooked, or who might have bid your job too low and have to cut corners to make up for it.

Because spotting a “troublesome” remodeler is difficult at best and because its even harder to find a great remodeler, we’ve developed and published the “Contractors Standards Guide.” This guide book to contractors and remodelers will help you judge a remodeler in terms of their financial stability, reputations, professionalism, and workmanship. Use this as a guide to help you make a decision and you can check any remodeler against this guide…EVEN US.

I’ve Heard Horror Stories Of Remodeling Budget Overruns… How Do You Protect Your Clients?

The key is bidding the job thoroughly on the front end. That is why we never “low ball” estimates and why we are sometimes a little more expensive than other remodelers. We have over 20 plus years of experience in the home remodeling industry. The ability to provide “accurate” guaranteed pricing comes from that experience. We’ve done so many remodeling projects in the last 20 years that we have a VERY good handle on exactly what a given job is going to entail, what materials are going to be needed, and how much skilled labor it will require. We’ll give you a detailed, itemized estimate so you can review it. The only way the price will go UP is if you (the customer) decide to add things (Change Orders) mid-job.

We have done this for so many years that we take extra time up front to work through as many alternatives and options on the front end as possible. Taking the time to go over all your options up front will minimize your desire to make changes later.

How Long Have You Been In Business And How Many Jobs Have You Completed?

Our first project was in 1992, and we’ve completed over 7,207 projects of all types and sizes since then. To get a feel for the depth and breadth of our abilities and experience, please feel free to check our gallery pages. This is also a great place to find sources of inspiration for your home remodeling project.

I Don’t Have $100,000 For A New Kitchen. What Are My Options?

You are not alone…We hear this a lot—people think that they’ve got to have a certain minimum amount of money to even think about tackling a project. While it’s true that some kitchens can be very expensive to remodel, you’d be surprised at what you can do for as little as $5,000, $10,000, or even $20,000.

This is what we specialize in. We save you a ton of money on labor because we can remodel your kitchen in “3-days.” Where other contractors take weeks or months, we take three days. Imagine the cost savings in labor that you can apply to your kitchen in upgrades.

Give us a call and let’s explore the best options for whatever budget you have. We are kitchen design and remodeling experts and will deliver the best value for the money…Guaranteed.

How Long Will I Be Without Use Of My Kitchen During The Remodeling?

The national average for a kitchen remodel is 3 months, but most contractors won’t tell you that it takes that long they will speak in general time frames like “that should only takes us a few weeks to do” But they won’t put that in your contract. Not us… 3-5 Days, Guaranteed, that’s it, and we will even put you up in a hotel while we do it.

How Many Kitchens Do You Remodel In A Year?

We completed over 96 kitchen remodels last year, which was a pretty typical year for us. Of course this number increases or decreases with demand. Bottom line: over 35% of our business is referrals. That speaks volumes about our quality and service. Our customers are “raving fans” that love what we did for them and are not afraid to tell people.

My Kitchen Is Really Small—What Can Be Done To Open It Up?

This is really going to depend on the architecture of your home. The first thing we need to determine is if there are any load bearing walls in the kitchen. Once that determination is made we can go over a number of different options: bump-outs, wall tear downs, new cabinetry, pass-through and much, much more.

What’s The Difference Between Tub & Tile Replacement, Liners, And Refinishing?

Tub & tile replacement is what people normally think of when they think about bathroom remodeling— they envision a contractor showing up and ripping out everything down to the drywall and floorboards, and installing a new tub and vanity, then meticulously adding tile floors and walls. The tiling portion of the bathroom-remodeling project takes several days because the tiles have to have time to dry in place properly.

A bath liner is an acrylic tub that is designed to literally sit ON TOP OF your old bathroom and tile (although not flooring); this makes it very fast and inexpensive to installRefinishing is a process where the old tub received a new coating to make it look newer and better than it was before.

We offer all types of bathroom remodeling, and can talk you through which is best for you. You see, it is our belief that each home and homeowner is different and because of this difference, not any single product is a one size fits all solution. Lets sit down and discuss your wants, your needs, and your budget and find the perfect solution for your bathroom remodel.

I’ve Heard Of 3-Day Bathroom Refinishing? Is That Realistic? Is It High Quality?

ABSOLUTLEY…We do it all the time. To see what results we can provide in just “3-Days” feel free to visit our project gallery. You will be surprised and amazed and what a bathroom remodel can look like in such a short period of time. Again, we save you a ton of money on your labor costs by doing it in three days, so the money saved is used to really upgrade the bathroom.

Will I Have To Run All Over Town Looking For Fixtures, Materials, Etc.?

No! Not unless you want to…

We have an exclusive “mobile showroom” where you can, from the comfort of your own home, select just about everything you need: plumbing fixtures, cabinet styles, flooring, vanities, and more. Instead of wasting your weekends driving, let us come to you and you can choose everything you need for your bathroom remodel in about in an hour or two.

I’ve Heard That Liners Look Bad. Is That True?

Honestly, years ago this would have been a fair assessment. There were many brands that were “cheap & flimsy” that simply didn’t look good, didn’t last very long, and were, basically, very low quality.

But things have changed dramatically in the last 10 to 15 years. Liners and tub systems have been significantly improved with modern technology and manufacturing processes. As a result, todays liners and tub-systems offer extremely high quality both in terms of durability (lifetime warranty) and aesthetics (they look GREAT!).

How Can I Tell If My Roof Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced?

Unless there is obvious massive damage, you usually can’t tell if the entire roof needs to be replaced without a thorough inspection. We’ve seen cases where gaping holes were easily and inexpensively repaired, and we’ve also seen cases where an entire roof needed to be replaced even though there was no physical damage visible to the naked eye. Oftentimes the underlying structural integrity of the roof is the key factor. Other times it’s the wear of the shingles. In other cases, uncontrollable leaks cause a roof to be prematurely replaced. We can inspect your roof and give you a definitive answer, usually in less than an hour. In the case of replacement, we can help you work with your insurance company, when appropriate, to ensure that you get enough money from them to do the job right.

How Can I Tell If My Gutters Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced?

This is a great question. Honestly, it is very difficult to tell when gutters need to be replaced or repaired because water damage is difficult to spot until its to late. However, with that being said, one of the best ways to check is to see if you have any water streaks on the outside of the gutter. These streaks indicate that your gutters are not draining properly and as a result the water is overflowing out of the top and leaving those streak marks along the side.

Don’t All Remodelers Give You “What You Want?”

Many of them will. But here’s the problem: Many remodelers are (understandably) anxious to get your business. They also know that most customers (YOU!) want more than you can afford, and because of lack of familiarity with the process, you will underestimate how much the job is going to cost. So to avoid losing you on the front end by quoting you a large price, they find ways to cut the price down to what they feel is a more affordable level. This almost always leads to disappointment either in terms of customers who THINK they are getting one thing (what they want), but actually getting much less, or customers who give up on what they really want so they can get a low price simply because that’s what the remodeler told them to do. Our approach is completely different: We respect you as a thinking adult who can consider information and make an intelligent choice. We’ll find out what you want, help you understand the associated costs, and work with you come up with a plan that will ultimately work within your budget. We almost always find that a happy compromise can be made UP FRONT, with so surprises and no disappointment.

Why Do Other Remodelers Play The Pricing Games?

It stems from the remodelers fear that you will say “no” if they give you a quote for what you really want. They assume you can’t afford what you really want (which is often not true) and that you are willing to sacrifice quality and/or features for a lower price. Make sure you make a remodeling decision based on what’s included rather than just a price.

Are You Telling Me That You Think That You Are the best remodeler?

You know, its hard to answer this question without coming off as pompous or arrogant. The fact is there are many good remodelers. The problem is that if you happen to hire one that’s NOT very good, you could be in for a long, unpleasant remodeling experience.

Please make sure you download and use our “Contractor Standards Guide” just to be sure you’re getting a real pro—in terms of professionalism, reputation, stability, and workmanship.

What Is The “Design Consultation” Session, And How Is It Different From Other Remodelers?

Standard business practice is that remodelers are going to ask you questions about your project. The difference has to do with the approach of the questions. It is hard to overstate how many remodelers naturally try to steer you to a lower price. The reason: they feel you’ll be more likely to do the project with them if they quote you a low price. As a result, this often means the remodeler steers you to what they consider to be an “affordable” version of your dream. In worse cases, they will actually attempt to steer you toward what they are good at doing and not what you want.

Our consultation process is designed to find out exactly what it is that you want. We’ll ask you a detailed litany of questions—the entire process takes close to 90 minutes. When we’re finished, we’ll know exactly what you want AND exactly what you can afford… then we’ll make suggestions that attempt to compromise the two (but ONLY if necessary; again, many times we find that customers can actually afford exactly what they want!).

Don’t settle or compromise on a remodel that does not meet you expectations.

What Is The Difference In “Design-Build” Vs. Just Plain Remodeling?

Design-build is an industry term that means that we use an actual designer to create the plan for the job… as opposed to the remodeler sketching it out or designing it himself. You should avoid any company that doesn’t use a designer—the skillset of designing and the skillset of a builder, while related, are also very, very different.

In fact, it takes both a designer and builder to sit down and go over your project to make sure it will all “work.” A designer knows form and function while a builder knows cost and feasibility. You want to make sure that the plans are being drawn by somebody with an eye for style, detail, and “whole-room-flow,” while you need a builder to keep the designer on budget and with in feasibility.

What Should I Do With Your Contractor Standards Guide?

Look over it, get to know it a bit, and MAKE SURE that any contractor you deal with…even us, can comply with ALL OF THE STANDARDS shown in it. Remember, even if the majority of remodelers are great, it only takes that ONE proverbial bad apple to ruin your experience, waste your money, and ruin your remodel… It only takes a few minutes to educate and protect yourself.

I’ve Seen Ads For $189 Windows—Do You Sell Any In That Price Range?

No: It is a pricing game.

If you want a hard truth…those “advertising” the $189 window don’t sell the $189 window. The fact is, that’s a loose form of a “bait and switch” tactic designed to get their phones to ring. When people do call, and if they ask the right question they will find out that $189 windows have no or little “Low E” coatings among other things. Bottom line, it means that the windows energy efficiency is almost non-existent.

Selling such a window would be completely irresponsible, unethical, and believe it or not is even illegal in several different states.

Those companies that advertise those $189 widows are just trying to get their phone to ring to set up an appointment. It is at the appointment where they will use “strong and pushy” sales tactics to upsell you to more expensive windows that are more efficient.

We hate playing pricing games, and instead offer a straight-forward approach to pricing.

If You Do Come To My House For An Appointment, How Long Will The Appointment Take?

That mostly depends on you—how many questions you have and how much detail you want us to go into regarding the window. Generally speaking, we’re in and out in about 45 minutes to an hour. Sometimes it is even faster than that. The most time we will need to take is probably to measure your windows.

Why do you talk so much about installations?

Windows usually come in good, better, and best — and have a price tag to match. The window manufacturers do a pretty good job of keeping tabs on each other so that nobody really has a major advantage over the other.

You can buy a pretty good window from a lot of places. However, the window installation is the most ignored, skipped-over, taken for granted part of the whole replacement window process.

Look: If a window is not installed properly, it will not work properly. Installations are critical to ensuring your satisfaction and savings. We put in more time, money, training, and effort to make sure that each window is installed perfectly. Keep reading to find out more.

What’s wrong with “Rip and Stick” installations that the other professional window replacement guys do?

We have to be careful about the use of the word “professional” when speaking about window replacement, sunrooms, or any kind of installation or remodel for that matter. I’ve seen windows installed by professionals that fall out just because one of the family’s children leaned on the window.

Think of it: a new, professionally installed window falling out when your son or daughter leans on it.

Few people realize that by short cutting the installation, they’re throwing away not only their investment dollars, but thousands and thousands of future dollars due to lost energy efficiency.

You would often be better off NOT installing new windows than to allow some ‘professional’ to rip out the old window and stick in a new one, add a few screws and caulk, and call it done. You won’t realize the energy savings or the safety benefits, and you won’t have the protection from the elements that you need.

Now, I am not saying that there are not instances where an existing frame is in good enough condition to simply install new windows. However, given that the frame is inside the walls and no installer can tell you what the entire condition of the frame is BEFORE they start, it’s the real ‘professional’ that takes this into consideration in the bid process. Most others will simply low ball an quote, find a problem and either “rip-and-stick” or come back to you and start over charging you for the repair or installation of a new frame.

What are some of the most common pricing games that typical window places want to play?

Some service contractors are afraid that you will turn them down, and so they give you a bottom of the barrel quote just to try and get you to say, “Yes, I’ll take it.” They assume you can’t afford what you really want (which is usually not true) and that you want to settle for cheap windows and less features for a lower price.

Always make sure you make a home improvement decision based on VALUE rather than just a cheap low-ball price.

Why is insulation around the window so important?

If you have the best window in the world and don’t properly insulate around it, you kind of defeat the purpose of the window. Many people choose an energy efficient window, spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars, without giving much thought to the area all around that window. It is why we are not proponents of “rip-and-stick” installations.

It makes no sense to invest in a great window, then ignore the fact that you’ve got nearly open air flow all around the window due to poor framing and insulation. To ensure the best results, you need to insulate around the window…PERIOD.

On a side note, another major energy drain that many people neglect when replacing windows is their entry doors. Oftentimes as much energy is lost through poorly insulated doors as is lost to inefficient windows.

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